Treatment1.5 Years out1 Year out9 Months out6 Months out3 Months out1 Month out1 Week out
Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing (Face & Body)

Carbon Laser Facial (Glowing skin reduces acne & pigmenation)

Tattoo Removal (if needed)

IPL (Pigmenation, Vasularities & Textural Skin Rejuvenation) Face, chest, hands

Infrared (Skin lifting, tightening & collagen restructuring)

Body & Face Contouring (reduction of fat & cellulite)

Spot Removal of pigmenation & vasularities (Face & Body)

Hair Reduction IPL (Face & Body)

MicroNeedling (Collagen stimulation, scar reduction(acne scars) stretch mark reduction & wrinkle reduction) 

Opera LED Facial (acne, redness, aging)


(Face & Body)

Lambrobe (Skin Tag removal)

Spray Tan (3 different tones)

Wedding Treatments

We know your special day requires the right attention to skin & body care.  Prepare your skin and body for an array of services that will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed & rejuvenated before you walk down the aisle.