Mini Facial
​This 30 min facial is good for someone on the go and in need of a deep cleansing treatment. It quickly boost the skin and is a great pick me up. There is no extractions with this facial.

Hydrating Facial 
This 60 minute treatment is for all skin types. It re-balances, repairs the skin, hydrates and brings is back to a healthy glow. extractions

Deep Cleansing Facial (Teen Facial)
This 60 minute facial is a deep cleansing facial to remove built up dead skin as well as blackheads and whiteheads. A mild peeling is used. 

Professional Peel
This 60 minute treatment cleanses the skin and eliminates dead cells and blackheads. It leaves the skin softer, suppler and hydrated.

Medical Microdermabrasion Facial by Aesthipeel- ITALY
This 90 minute facial uses fine crystals from Italy to resurface your skin, by removing the dead and damaged cells. It is a very effective procedure which will leave you with soft, smooth, healthy and youthful looking skin. Includes the use of a high active serum tailored to your skin.
$200 includes neck

Lambrobe- Lam Skin Care- ITALY
For the rapid and precise treatment and removal of minor skin irregularities. Effective for : Skin Tags, Cholesterol Deposits, Milia, Clogged Pores, Cherry Angiomas, Dilated / Broken Capillaries, Spider Naevi, Fibromas, Cysts & more.
Price per consultation.

​Opera Spectrum LED Mask- 
The Opera face and neck mask has multiple light settings, than can be used for the following: Stimulates collagen and elastin production, which leads to firmer, softer skin, and softens the look of wrinkles.  Kills the bacteria that contributes to acne, and accelerates healing of scars.  It also increases skin circulation to nourish and hydrate the skin.
The Opera mask system has a galvanic current feature, which firms skin and increases product absorption. Perfect when used in conjunction with serums.Leaving your skin looking and feeling its best.​

Eye Contour Treatment
This eye treatment can be added on to any facial or as a stand alone treatment. Help drain and reabsorb fatty deposits in the eye area.  Helps with fine lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue.
$40 or as an add on $25 

Nu Face MicroCurrent
Fitness for your face.

Exercise your face, tighten and tone your skin. Facial Trainer using micro-currents for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as 5-minutes a day.

Add on 5 min (focusing on one troubles area: eyes, cheek contour, jawline etc) $20
Add on 20min (focusing on entire face) $40

Esthelift- Anti- Aging Facial
A natural lifting treatment to stimulate various muscles of the face, which cause sagging skin and aging. Great for someone who is looking to treat the loss of firmness and volume, wrinkles, and expression lines. You will leave feeling as if your face is reshaped, plumped and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. For best results, we recommend 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart.
Included is Esthederm eye patches.
90min $165

Active Repair - Anti aging Facial
Using lymph-draining manual techniques, Active Repair treatment overall improves skin quality.
This anti-wrinkle, brightening and detox treatment will leave the skin deeply cleaned, smoothed and detoxified.
The wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin is repaired at a deep level. The skin's complexion appears fresh and relaxed, with any signs of tiredness gone.
Excellent for anyone who wants to treat the skin at the first signs of aging, and erase signs of fatigue from daily stress.
90min $160

​Esthederm - Absoulte Cyclo
This 90min facial is for women ages 45 and up. (pre- Menopause) Helps for deep wrinkles, loss of density and firmness. It is a regenerating, ultra-comforting, re-balancing treatment that restores firmness.
Cutaneous structure in reinforced, and skin feels plumped up and regains its comfort and radiance.

Detox Treatment
This treatment is done in the spring or summer to help skin through the changing seasons. Dynamic treatment, to brighten complexion, soothe, hydrate and regenerate the skin. The skin regains suppleness and hydration and the complexion is fresh, radiant and full of life. Best for anyone who wants to adapt their skin to the needs of the season and take some time to relax.
60min $135

​Esthe- White - Brightening Facial
The ultimate facial for someone in need of brightened and glowing skin. This will help to regulate the skins pigmentation and complexion. It also will treat the signs of aging without using any bleaching ingredients. Aids in correction of sun spots, and helps slows down the production of melanin in the skin. To prevent more pigmentation from occurring.
Best in use with IPL

Oxygenating Facial with Esthederm
​​A gentle peeling facial designed to renew the skin, giving it a radiant glow. Esthederm’s signature peeling gel with Glycolic Acid along with Oxy-therapy, detoxification of the tissues and epidermal regeneration will happen immediately. Great for someone who wants to soften deep wrinkles, recent scars and help irregular texture. Combined with calming creams to soothe the skin, this is the ultimate refresher your skin needs. This facial is best before events, especially weddings. No extractions, Amazing for ance as well. 


All Prices Subjected to HST